Thursday, April 6, 2017

Here is what I aspire for TeamMom to become....

"A place where moms can come together... free of prejudice & judgements; feel respected, trusted; acknowledged by their peers & leaders; have mentor's to help guide them; have resources at their fingertips; feel empowered, inspired; feel supported, encouraged, motivated; to believe in themselves; to never feel alone! I want TeamMom to be a powerful foundation, rooted in the idea that as a mom, no matter what challenges faced, everyone can achieve their goals & dreams in business and life."

What does your journey look like? Is it filled with endless possibilities and infinite wishes? Let's take that next step together!

Success Always, Patricia

Learning from Mistakes....

Friday, March 3, 2017

2017 ~ Touching base!

Thank you for visiting today, I know my blog has been dormant, there has been much in my life that has kept me from being here and moving forward as I had hoped sooner. First the sudden loss of my mother Kathleen who was the driving force and co founder of T.E.A.M.Mom! in July 2013, I honestly did not know where to go after all that, I not only lost my mom, but my best friend, my confidant, my inspiration. It took me 2 years, sadly, to really be able to deal with it, in between we had lost several family members, again quite suddenly months a part.

As 2016 rolled about, I was facing the much dreaded decision of actually wanting to move forward with out her, since this was all her dream.... facing such uncertainty, again, we had a tragic, sudden loss of my brother in law; this rocked the very spirit in me. My sister had taken up (temporarily) the mantle of where my mother sat for T.E.A.M.Mom!, with his sudden death, it left her and my niece in such a horrendous state of doubt, fear, grieving, unimaginable to my family still to this day. I sat, wondered, thought, contemplated, prayed.

With the new year, I decided to just take a break and from Thanksgiving til New Years Day, T.E.A.M.Mom! was on hiatus, for how long I really did not know? As I did when I first put the whole concept into motion so many years ago with my mother, the idea of going to the next step in the journey seemed relentless, at times, suffocating, I just was not sure if I wanted to or could do it without my mom. As with every other year, as the clock came closer, inching second by second to the midnight rung, I closed my eyes, laid down, prayed and left it up to GOD.

There was a renewed, refreshed, revitalized spirit within my heart when I awoke; the sun was shinning brightly, the day seemed so alive, my sister was here with us, everything that I had fretted the nights before seemed to have slowly just withered into the air around me. As I work on changing and preparing the new direction for T.E.A.M.Mom!, I ask that you all keep me in your thoughts, prayers; try to hang on just a little longer - I realize how many times people say that, but I am real...I have stood by the T.E.A.M.Mom! name for over 11 years now and will not give up. Please don't on me.

I wish you all continued success in all your endeavors, never let go of the dreams you keep alive, always look ahead towards the road before you, no one can get to their destination if they do not begin the journey!!!


Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Letting GO and moving forward...

In just a few weeks from now, we will be celebrating our 10th Anniversary as T.E.A.M.Mom! The upcoming year (2016) will be paved with many new and exciting adventures for me, as I let go of so many of my own apprehensions and fears that have been hindering me in several areas of my life. Some could not wait for this new direction and decided sadly, to abandon me, that is ok, I understand, everyone's journey is different; some have their paths set in stone, with out the obstacles and trials that others might have. We all have to grow at our own pace.

The past 2 years since my mother's passing (she was the original inspiration and co founder), I needed time to heal, time to figure out where I wanted to go with T.E.A.M.Mom!; I was just holding on as long as I could, to her dream, to her. A simple conversation, one fateful New Years Eve 9 years ago, when my mom and I sat, wondering what on earth we could do to help change our circumstances for our family and at the same time help encourage others. As many were ringing in the New Year, filled with laughter, renewed joys and faith, I was contemplating and tossing about her words, wondering if we could actually do this.

The next step is going to be very emotional for me, I am embarking on the continuation of my journey, alone, without my mom Kathleen, the main reason T.E.A.M.Mom! even existed, I needed time to let her and her dream go. I have no idea how long my new road will take to pave forth, I have no preconceived expectations of success or whether or not we will be here for another year.... what I do have is the faith to keep on believing that all of the tears, prayers, laughter, joy was worth something special. Whether or not you all continue to take the step with me, is up to you! Thank you for the last 9 1/2 years!

See you all in 2016! Success Always,

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Coming back soon!

Thank you for visiting with us today! TeamMom is going strong on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, and occasionally on our networking Ryze page profile. There had been some sudden setbacks with the original co founder, my mom Kathleen starting in March of this year, sadly I have to share that she passed away quite suddenly on July 25th of this year.

There was no time to devote to the main groups that were initially started by us both, so I decided to just move the direction of TeamMom temporarily to primarily networking and building business! As the year comes to a close, there are many new dreams and visions in store for the cocept and direction of TeamMom, even though I lost my main support and strength in my mom Kathleen, I will not give up.

Please stop back from time to time, as I continue to grow in both thought and spirit with the new beginning of TeamMom, filled with many new and exciting ideas, that I hope will help continue the mission of helping all those who come to our doorstep in whatever way we can. God Bless, Success to you always, Patricia Garrison Founder

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Here is a quick and basic list of our most Frequently Asked Questions?

1. What does T.E.A.M.Mom! stand for?
Together Empowering, Assisting and Motivating Moms to... believe in themselves and inspire others, while helping them... build their business, achieve their goals and make their dreams come true!

2. What is the overall concept of TeamMom?
The primary foundation and concept of TeamMom is first and foremost to reach out to other mom's by offering encouragement, guidance and resources in whatever manner might be needed. Working from home (or even in an office, running or operating a business) can offer obstacles that many moms/women face day to day. Some just do not have an outlet to go to and we want to be that support system in their time of need! Providing even just a moment out of a day can mean the world to a fellow mom who might be struggling or having an issue...everyone needs someone to be there for them.

3. Who is the founder?
Patricia Garrison, with Corrie Peterson, Candy Wallace and Alicia Maree as lifetime founding members.

4. When was TeamMom founded/created?
January 1st, 2006 as a networking profile on

5. Where is TeamMom located?
We are in the state of New Jersey, country - USA

6. What is your contact info?
At this time, we don't have a mailing address or phone, but can be contacted anytime via email at and through private message on our Facebook profile here.

7. Who can be a member of TeamMom?
Any mom (grandmothers too) who works from home or owns, operated or runs any sort of business. YES direct sellers are allowed, there is plenty of room for all of us ladies.

8. What do members get?
Free exposure on all my social media sites, events I may attend or participate in, referrals, etc. COMING SOON... Networking events!

9. Are there any fees?
No, there are no fees to join or to take advantage of membership of any kind.

10. Where do you sign up?
COMING SOON... FB group and website! Stay tuned. Feel free to follow me on our FB page here or send me a friend request here

Our Mission Statement

Our sincere wish is to help everyone in whatever way we can whether it be in business by providing helpful links, resources, tools or in friendship by connecting, networking or just being there when needed!


To bring everyone together through compassion, support and faith, encompassing the diversities of the world around us!

Educate, assist and guide those who may reach out to us, when in need, to the best of all our abilities!

Always be as fair and understanding to the many various, unique and different cultures we come upon or meet along the way!

Make sure we leave a lasting impression upon those whose journey's bring them here and to those we connect with!

Open up door's of opportunities to those seeking to better enrich their lives, by achieving their goals of success!

Most of all, be ourselves, inhibited by nothing, to stand by our own beliefs, our own creativity and stand strong amiss adversity!

Copyright: 2006, January 1st
P.A.Garrison - Founder